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product design  ✦  service design 

Itaú is one of the biggest banks in Latin America and operationalising an international digital transformation
was a priority to the bank's headquarters in Brazil.

I joined the LatAm team to design the digital solutions in the User Experience side and enable seamless product selling on Itaú's platforms across Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

key topics

UX Research


Design consulting




2018 - 2019

My previous expertise in designing methodologies enabled me to collaborate closely with local teams, unlocking the potential for implementing seamless operations through design-led solutions.

I led a transversal educational effort to identify pain points, map needed improvements and run workshops for co-designing solutions that could be operated autonomously by the local teams, investing less effort and achieving solid impact in user's experience and retention.

Case Study: Digital Loan experience revamp

Click the icon above to download the presentation on revamping the Digital Loan experience at Itaú Argentina.

A password is required, so please reach out to obtain access.

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