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pilotis project

product design  ✦  service design  ✦  social & community services

Projeto Pilotis was an online service for communities to drive offline connection by sharing items and learning together to create a more caring community of neighbours.

We built an online service to connect neighbours and leverage a safer and healthier city.

Through low-fidelity prototyping we understood that the initial framing of the problem wasn’t really accurate and that gave us the opportunity to pivot the service and work to deliver communities' needs around connecting to other people and learning together.

✦ In 2015, over 2.000 people joined Pilotis to become part of the sharing community ✦

tools & processes

desk & field research:

understanding the city’s plan, environment and reality.

user interviews:

capturing how people live the plan, the environment and the reality of the city.

journey mapping:

problems & expectations, connect causes and results.

scope & craft:

Define space and form to act on the emerged problems: sharing & learning as a viable solution.

prototype & act:

Build community prototype with proposed
scenarios for sharing and learning. Act on emerging needs. Iterate accordingly to the community's ever changing needs.

Triângulos de papel
Full paper & documentation
available for download here
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