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product design  ✦  service design 

PRODUCT DESIGN ✦ 2019 - 2022

Operating in Consumer Products, specifically in checkout, my working experience focused on marketplace operation complexity in order completion.

My main goals were to connect FARFETCH platform capabilities to final user expectations, business needs and tech requirements for delivering a seamless checkout experience​.

Some of the addressed of challenges:

  • Revamped FARFETCH branding for digital experiences.

  • Built and documented components of the Design System.

  • Worked on numerous payment integrations and service improvements to scale sales and decrease returns.

  • Led, from research to testing, the launch of Beauty items, enhancing supply and user experience.

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SERVICE DESIGN  2022 - currently

Operating within Marketplace Product Development for addressing problems holistically beyond the product interface, establishing connections, and enhancing FARFETCH services.

Some of the addressed of challenges:

  • Defined strategies, implemented tooling solutions, and revamped internal processes.

  • Established principles to guide the marketplace design strategy.

  • Managed stakeholder expectations facing team capabilities.

  • Delivered studies and assessments to define projects' due diligence and guide design solutions.

Produtos cosméticos
Case Study: Beauty Launch

Click the clip icon above to download the detailed self-service case study on the work I conducted for FARFETCH's beauty launch.

A password is required, so please reach out to have access.

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