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The Feminist Center for Studies and Advisory (CFEMEA) is a non-governmental, non-profit civil society organization with a public character.

Feminism, human rights, democracy, racial equality, feminist antiracist decolonial education, self-care, and care among activists are our political and theoretical foundations.

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Product design






In the project led by Pedro Borges, we crafted a fresh look for the organization's news and articles website. The Cfemea's voice is a feminist perspective on politics and culture aimed at fostering social transformation, offering a clear rebuttal to threats against women's rights in Brazilian society.

The design project adhered to the organization's voice guidelines to shape its visual structure, resulting in a sophisticated, clean, informative, and articulate proposal.

project highlights

Recognizing the diverse nature of the content was crucial in shaping the website structure. The Cfemea's library comprised time-sensitive news, individual and standalone evergreen articles, as well as news and articles forming a cohesive narrative on a specific topic over time.

To meet this requirement, we developed two primary content page structures. The first highlights the chronological evolution of related topics through a timeline, emphasizing their interconnectedness. The second structure is designed for straightforward presentation of individual articles.

gradiente pastel

home page

homepage structure for
temporary vs. evergreen content

chronological evolution of a topic

individual articles

chronological structure with multiple usage

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